We see you...

✪ You’ve honed your skill…

✪ You’re really freaking good at what you do…

✪ You know it’ll sell like gangbusters when more people know about it…

✪ Next up is the hard part you’ve been avoiding…

Building the dang funnel.

Growing your email list.

You’ve tried! But there are so many things HOLDING YOU BACK.


Where the heck do I start?

There are so many options. E-book? Checklist? Guide? How do I know which one will work best for my audience?

How do I know my people will even give a crap?! What if I spend all this time on a dud??

How do I know my people will even give a crap?!

How do I know I’m not giving TOO much information?


What should I say?

Writing copy that makes people want to do the dang thing is so different from writing an IG post. How can I be sure my words will actually motivate my readers?

Copywriters are (rightfully) freaking expensive. I really want to DIY my copy...but it’s coming out like markety, cheesy, boss babe crap.

I know copy is SO important. But I suck at it and I’m afraid to screw it up.


How do I design it?

I don’t want to put out a cheap-looking, amateur lead magnet. But design is not my thang!

I know what I want it to look like...but I don’t have 400 hours to spend learning Canva and Illustrator.

How much time should I put into the design if I’m not even sure people will download it??


How do I figure out all the tech?

Landing pages, automations, tags, segments. 🤯 Don't get me started on integrations, A/B testing, or workflows.

I know those things will make my life and biz so much easier. But I don't have the time (or #letsbehonest, the desire) to figure out how to do them.

I'm just not a 'techy' person.

My brain doesn't work that way!

Do any of those sound like you?

If so, you’re in the right place.
You know how important it is to attract the RIGHT people to your offers.

And to nurture your new leads so they’ll want to buy.

There are THOUSANDS of people right now who need you  (aka audience foreplay).

They’re searching for whatever special sauce you offer.

So let’s get you sorted.

What if it could be easy?

Imagine having a lead magnet funnel that…

...Is EASY to create

No more hours pounding the Backspace key in frustration while pounding the Merlot at the same time.

...Attracts leads who are ready to work with you. We’re talking the dreamiest, let’s-be-friends-after-this kind of clients you really want to work with.

...Converts slightly interested passerby into credit card wielding loyal customers. And it’s all done while you fight with your partner about Chinese vs Italian for dinner! On autopilot.


Who are we?

Sara Berry

is an email marketing and launch specialist who helps e-commerce businesses, coaches and service providers make money through email. She's obsessed with her life in the Pacific Northwest. And dogs. And noodles. Her favorite thing about the other Sarah is that they can't make it through a conversation without cracking each other up. (And that fact that they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses so well!)

Sarah Worboyes

is a design and tech junkie who could custom code your fonts and branding into your landing pages in her sleep. When she's not designing ridiculously beautiful sales pages, lead magnets and Dubsado accounts, she's sneaking sips of Prosecco between episodes of Peppa Pig. What she likes best about the other Sara is the fact that we make THE BEST TEAM EVER, not just in business. “If i’ve had a bad day then jumping on a zoom for a rant with Sara is just what the Dr. ordered. I’m extremely lucky to have found a No. 2 biz bestie.”

Together, we help busy entrepreneurs just like you create lead magnet funnels that WORK. 

Turning curious passerby into paying clients with a beautiful on-brand lead magnet and email magic.



Lead Magnet
funnel toolkit 

The Complete Lead Magnet Funnel Toolkit is everything you need to create your own stunning lead magnet, craft beautiful, high-converting emails, and connect it all with the tech prowess you never knew you had.

Tap into our TOP:

 lead magnet strategies 

✓ design templates

✓ copywriting swipe files 

to create your own masterpiece that’ll turn leads into Stripe notifications.

Take a look inside the Complete Lead Magnet Funnel Toolkit…




27 Lead magnet names (£27)

 Coming up with the perfect name for your lead magnet will attract more readers (aka future clients!)


Landing page templates (£37)

 Capture the attention of your interested leads and hold onto it like a toddler with a cookie. These templates give you the right words to encourage the click!


Welcome sequence templates (£57)

 Guiding new subscribers through your ideal client journey was never easier. Take them on a journey from kinda interested to ready-to-buy with these 6 essential emails.


Abandoned action sequence (£17)

Did your subscriber drop off after clicking on a link?

Did they open an email but NOT click a link?

These templates will help you give them a nudge to do the dang thing.



Workflow template (£27)

This visual aid will help you map out the tech for your entire funnel.

No more wondering if you missed an email, trigger or tag...



Mini canva training ($37)

 Not a design expert? No problem. 

 This Canva training will take you through everything you need to know to use the design templates and customize them for your brand.


Landing page guide (£47)

 The place where the equal exchange of energy happens (your lead magnet for their email address) needs to be on point. 

 Use this guide to understand exactly how to make landing pages that convert every time.


Waitlist templates (£17)

Using a waitlist strategy can help build hype and anticipation for an upcoming launch.

 Use these templates to keep your waitlist chomping at the bit for your offer.

Total value £555

Today's price 

*Only £47*

Your success matters to us!

We've poured so much love, sweat and zoom-call hours into this toolkit to make it the BEST lead magnet bundle you can find.

We're so sure it's going to help you create the perfect lead magnet (and due to the digital nature of the product) we aren't offering a refund for this bundle.

But if you use every feature of the toolkit and STILL can't figure out how to create your lead magnet, send an email to:

hello@realsaraberry and we'll make sure you get some guidance.


What if I have zero design or writing skills?

No! That would be like waiting to start a diet until you lose 20 pounds! You could spend all that time building up your social media following and lose it all tomorrow! Filling your email list with super qualified future buyers should be started ASAP. Whether you have 100, 1000 or 10,000 followers...START NOW.

No! That would be like waiting to start a diet until you lose 20 pounds! You could spend all that time building up your social media following and lose it all tomorrow! Filling your email list with super qualified future buyers should be started ASAP. Whether you have 100, 1000 or 10,000 followers...START NOW.

YES! Of course we hope you aren’t douchey about it and share this with everyone...If you’re a VA or social media manager, DEF use it in designing your clients’ stuff! This will help you level up YOUR business a ton.

No. We don’t need one. We’re 100% confident you’ll be happy with the toolkit and you’ll feel totally equipped to build your own lead magnet funnel! But your happiness and success are important to us. So, If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you.

The Complete Lead Magnet Funnel Toolkit is perfect for you if:

✔︎ You’re a busy business owner. You don’t have the time (or mental energy) to figure out how to create a lead magnet and welcome sequence!

  • With this toolkit, you’ll be able to create a lead magnet funnel in a DAY!

✔︎ Design is not your thang! You love nice branding...but creating beautiful things is really freaking hard.

  • The branding and design is DONE FOR YOU! All you have to do is plunk in your pictures and change the colors to your own! So easy.

✔︎ Writing your own copy makes you want to hide. And cry. You know what you WANT to say. But finding the right words is ROUGH.

  • The copy templates alone are worth 10x this price! These babies will save you hours and hours of stressing over what to write.

✔︎ You’re a VA or SMM who wants to create beautiful, professional digital products for your clients.

  • Feel free to use everything in this toolkit to grow your business! You’ll be able to charge AT LEAST £700 to create a lead magnet funnel for your clients!

✔︎ You’ve been wanting to get your email list growing but are stumped on how to start.

  • This toolkit will help you create every piece of the funnel! No more guesswork!


With this toolkit, you ARE totally ready to build a high-converting lead magnet funnel!

Get ready to turn leads into clients on autopilot.